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Mandy Guhbin

From the staff to the facility, the professionalism and discipline that is being put forward makes it an incredible program that my son has enjoyed more than anything! Even during these times of uncertainty, distancing etc they have maintained a place that is fun for the kids but also teaches them respect and the importance of discipline.

Anna Fortier reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

We had our son's 6th birthday party here on the weekend. All the children had a great time. They kept the kids busy the whole party and were very involved! Our son had a fantastic birthday party here, I would highly recommend!

Nicole Wilhelm reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

No Limits Martial Arts is fantastic! The Sensei's have a genuine love for the kids, and they encourage and motivate their advancement. They also encourage them to be good people and help everyone in the world for whatever cause. My daughter is a student here, and I plan on signing up the other two when they are old enough. I hope this is the one thing they stick with, and it's all because of the owners/family that run this place. LOVE THEM!

Claudia B-i reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

I can’t say enough about how amazing No Limits Martial Arts is! Both my girls attend and the change in them is incredible. They are confident, more focused and happy. Sensei Adam and the team are outstanding.

Amanda Capobianco reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

Such a warm, fun filled place for your kids! Sensei Adam is AMAZING with the kids, and they always have a great time in class. He is also firm when it is needed. Love this place, and I would recommend it to anyone!

Kinga Loforte reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

We love No Limits! It's not only organized and run by a cool, and kind, family but it is fun and beneficial for any child. The space is great and atmosphere is safe and clean. Sensei Adam is funny, professional and knows how to interact and teach kids in a special and supportive way. We are very happy we joined!

Kelly Gallagher reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son had his 4th birthday party today and it was so amazing! Sensei Adam is so great with kids! Everything was so well run and organized. Sensei Adam even helped hand out the pizza and the cake. I Highly recommend this place for a party!!

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Homeschooling Tips for Beginners

With summer coming to an end and September quickly approaching us, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed with the decision of whether or not you will be sending your children back to school. 

For families who decide learning at home is the best option for their children, here are some pro tips to help you make this transition a little easier: 

Create a Designated Learning Space

Homeschooling can be an extremely rewarding experience for both you and your child. There are many things you can do to ensure the success of your efforts. Being in a home setting can spark multiple distractions to your child. The best way to set your child up for success is by creating a designated learning environment. Get creative with this space by adding some educational posters, vibrant colours, and inviting quotes.

Set Learning Goals Together

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that it gives your child the opportunity to customize their education. As the teacher, start off by highlighting some key learning objectives for your child. Once these have been established, sit down with your child to get their input. 

Follow a Daily Schedule 

Planning your lessons ahead of time will give your child the basic structure and routine that will help them succeed. Some important things to include in your schedule are “recess” breaks, a lunch hour and some quiet reading time. Plan subjects such as math and language to take up around 90 minutes, and schedule them for mornings when children are most attentive. 

Take Learning Beyond the Classroom

Look for opportunities beyond textbooks. Activities that provide great educational possibilities include:

  • Board Games such as Scrabble or Monopoly
  • Household management skills such as beginner repairs, simple budgeting, or laundry 
  • Sending emails to family members