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Mandy Guhbin

From the staff to the facility, the professionalism and discipline that is being put forward makes it an incredible program that my son has enjoyed more than anything! Even during these times of uncertainty, distancing etc they have maintained a place that is fun for the kids but also teaches them respect and the importance of discipline.

Anna Fortier reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

We had our son's 6th birthday party here on the weekend. All the children had a great time. They kept the kids busy the whole party and were very involved! Our son had a fantastic birthday party here, I would highly recommend!

Nicole Wilhelm reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

No Limits Martial Arts is fantastic! The Sensei's have a genuine love for the kids, and they encourage and motivate their advancement. They also encourage them to be good people and help everyone in the world for whatever cause. My daughter is a student here, and I plan on signing up the other two when they are old enough. I hope this is the one thing they stick with, and it's all because of the owners/family that run this place. LOVE THEM!

Claudia B-i reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

I can’t say enough about how amazing No Limits Martial Arts is! Both my girls attend and the change in them is incredible. They are confident, more focused and happy. Sensei Adam and the team are outstanding.

Amanda Capobianco reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

Such a warm, fun filled place for your kids! Sensei Adam is AMAZING with the kids, and they always have a great time in class. He is also firm when it is needed. Love this place, and I would recommend it to anyone!

Kinga Loforte reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

We love No Limits! It's not only organized and run by a cool, and kind, family but it is fun and beneficial for any child. The space is great and atmosphere is safe and clean. Sensei Adam is funny, professional and knows how to interact and teach kids in a special and supportive way. We are very happy we joined!

Kelly Gallagher reviewed No Limits Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son had his 4th birthday party today and it was so amazing! Sensei Adam is so great with kids! Everything was so well run and organized. Sensei Adam even helped hand out the pizza and the cake. I Highly recommend this place for a party!!

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4 Fun and Easy Exercises for Kids

Over the last few months, you may have noticed your child has leaned more towards technology to occupy their time. Activities such as playing video games, binge watching movies or surfing the web can very easily make time pass, however can also deter your child from getting into physical activity. As parents, we should encourage our children to get in at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. Here are some tips on how to easily achieve this: 



Running is definitely one of the easiest ways to burn some energy. Kids love to run making it the most practical form of exercise. 

To make this activity more enjoyable, and to maximize its benefits, you can encourage your child to add additional movement to this form of exercise.  For example, prompt your child to alternate between running and skipping. Another way of doing this is by running with high knees, or jogging on the spot. You’ll be surprised to see your child grow more energized for as long as they go!



Getting up off your feet and high in the sky is a very appealing form of exercise that kids love. The best part of jumping is that it can be done in various ways.

  • Jumping Jacks 

Classic jumping jacks involve stretching arms and legs out like a starfish while jumping, then returning arms to side and legs to center upon landing. 

  • Criss- Cross Feet

jump straight up, then cross one foot in front of the other. On the next jump, switch feet and continue.

  • One-Foot Hops 

Lift one knee as high as you can, then hop on the standing leg. Make sure to alternate! To make this even more challenging, take it outside. Using chalk, mark out various spots to create an obstacle course and complete it using this method. 


Dance Off

Music is a great way to spice up any workout. A guaranteed solution to encouraging your child off the couch and onto their feet is by challenging them to a dance off! All you have to do is play your child’s favourite jams, make the first move and watch them dance!


Stretch it Off!

After any exercise, it is very important to stretch. Following these movements, follow up with some simple stretches to keep your child’s muscles strong and healthy. Doing so can also help transition kids into a more relaxed state post- workout, making it a double- win for us parents.